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Since 1997,engaged in research, development and manufacture of all kinds of electronic lighting products.

Providing one-stop solutions for global customers for smart lighting
About us
Founded in 1997, with a registered capital of 50.51 million yuan, the company is located in Hengfan Industrial Park, Qingshanhu Street, Qingshanhu Technology City, Lin 'an District, Hangzhou. The factory area is 55 mu, with a total construction area of 45,000 square meters. Now the company has more than 300 employees, more than 60 professional R & D technology and management personnel. 

At present, the company mainly produces bulb series, straight lamp series, plant lamp series, panel lamp series. In the future, the company will actively arrange the innovative application of LED as a breakthrough, and integrate photoelectric technology in smart home, smart agriculture, urban landscape, healthy environment, energy utilization and other fields, to provide global customers with one-stop solutions for smart lighting.
  Registered capital 50.51 million yuan
  The factory covers an area of 55 acres
Strength factory
Main products: LED lamps, T5/T8 straight tube stand lights, LED light source, LED purification lights, LED bulb lights, downlights, spotlights, classroom lights, plant growth lights, UV sterilization lamps, etc.

Main production equipment: The company introduced automation equipment to improve the production line manufacturing capacity, the annual production capacity of 200 million. Such as: Automatic placement machine, automatic grab machine, automatic corner machine, automatic printing machine, automatic assembly machine, automatic wave soldering, automatic packaging machine, automatic riveting machine, assembly line, packaging line, punching machine, automatic dispensing machine, automatic shearing machine, injection molding machine, spectrum analyzer, surge tester, light distribution curve tester, power tester and other advanced automated production equipment and inspection Measuring equipment, but also the original equipment for technical transformation, to achieve technological innovation to reduce energy consumption, improve quality and output, improve the working environment of employees, to ensure the efficiency of enterprises.
With 27 years of experience
The company has 300 employees
Sold to 56 countries worldwide
Factory 45000 square meters
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Factory and work environment
The company has a good business reputation, as one of the largest domestic LED lighting manufacturers. 
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Our patents
The company's LED lighting products are mainly sold to China and the United States, Europe, Japan, the Middle East, Russia, Iraq and other countries.
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Enterprise honor and development history
● China's largest spiral three-color fluorescent lamp production base
● Won the national green low-carbon enterprise in 2011
● Obtained Hangzhou Enterprise Technology Center in 2011
● In 2012, it was awarded AAA level unit of national quality service reputation
● In 2012, it was awarded the advanced unit of energy conservation in Hangzhou
● In 2013, Zhejiang Province science and technology small and medium-sized enterprises
● In 2013, it was awarded the AA level of Zhejiang Province
● 2014 Hangzhou Patent pilot enterprise
● Awarded China Export Quality and Safety Demonstration Enterprise in 2015
● Won the national high-tech enterprise in 2018
● 2020 introduction of automatic placement machine
● Won the "Product label" made in Zhejiang in 2021
● Won the innovative enterprise and patent pilot enterprise in 2022
● In 2023, it won the Hangzhou Municipal R&D Center
● Patent pilot and demonstration enterprises in 2023
● National high-tech enterprise in 2024
● In 2024, we will obtain a specialized new small and medium-sized enterprise
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The company has a good business reputation, as one of the largest domestic LED lighting manufacturers. With quality priority and cost-effective strategy, it has laid a strong market competitive strength.
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