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Since 1997,engaged in research, development and manufacture of all kinds of electronic lighting products.

Brand Story

At the dawn of '97, the light in young hearts ignited, With fervor and determination, they aimed to illuminate the world. A group of people, one heart, striving together for one cause, destined to triumph.

With craftsmanship and dedication, they deliver every "light." They use integrity as their beacon, sailing through storms. New Three Links, a tale of light and dreams, Illuminating life, igniting hope.
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The company has a good business reputation, as one of the largest domestic LED lighting manufacturers. With quality priority and cost-effective strategy, it has laid a strong market competitive strength.
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WhatsApp/WeChat: +86 189 6815 0777
Add: Shidi Industrial Park, Quankou Village, Hengfan Town, Lin 'an District, Hangzhou, China

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