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LED lamp/Bulb

LED bulbs feature a familiar spherical shape while utilizing LED chips as the internal light source. They possess all the advantages of LED lighting:

More energyefficient: LED bulbs consume only 1/4 the energy of energysaving lamps and 1/10 that of incandescent bulbs.

Long lifespan: LED bulbs last up to 50,000 hours, 510 times longer than energysaving lamps.

Healthier: They provide uniform light conduction, are flickerfree, nonglare, and contain no ultraviolet or infrared rays.

More environmentally friendly: They contain no mercury or other harmful substances and are recyclable, helping to protect our green planet.

Fullcolor variation: They offer a rich spectrum of colors, capable of displaying vivid and intricate patterns and effects.

Easy installation: Simple to install, they can directly replace incandescent bulbs with very low maintenance costs.

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