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Since 1997,engaged in research, development and manufacture of all kinds of electronic lighting products.

Led Light Supplier New Sanlian, 1
Led Light Supplier New Sanlian, 1

Led Light Supplier New Sanlian,


Company Advantages

· New Sanlian led light supplier complies with the strict production process.

· After testing many time, the product lasts longer than most similar products.

· This product is widely recognized by the customers in the industry.


Watts (W) PPE Main light spectrum(nm) Red-blue ratio Lifetime(Hrs)
Red light Blue light
50-200 1.2 610-665 450-460 8:01 10000


Supplemental Light for the Growth of Various Types of Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers, and Tissue Cultured Seedlings

Company Features

· For years, Hangzhou New Sanlian Electric Co.,Ltd has been specializing in the design, production, and trade of led light supplier. We have accumulated rich experience in our business.

· The led light supplier in New Sanlian is widely popular in this field for its high quality.

· Hangzhou New Sanlian Electric Co.,Ltd has always been working hard, just for your needs. Get price!

Enterprise Advantages

New Sanlian has a group of professional production and processing personnel to continuously improve the production and processing capabilities of Led Light,Plant Light.

New Sanlian receives converted recognition from customers depending on good product quality and a comprehensive service system.

To be a well-known enterprise in China, New Sanlian implements the development concept of 'innovation, coordination, green, openness, and sharing' proposed by the central government, and adheres to the important concept of 'keeping the new and the right way'.

Founded in our company has struggled for years. So far, we have accumulated rich industry experience in quality control, marketing management and brand promotion.

New Sanlian's business scale covers the first- and second-tier cities in China. It also expands to some overseas countries and regions such as America and Australia. Led Light,Plant Light enjoys a relatively large market share.

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The company has a good business reputation, as one of the largest domestic LED lighting manufacturers. With quality priority and cost-effective strategy, it has laid a strong market competitive strength.
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