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agricultural lighting
antibacterial fill lights and LED growth lights to meet the lighting needs of modern agriculture. The product combines high-efficiency light sources and intelligent control to meet various application scenarios such as facility greenhouses, open-air cultivation, vertical farms, and scientific research experiments. It can optimize crop growth, suppress the occurrence of pests and diseases with physical technology, improve yield quality, and help efficient and sustainable development of agriculture. We provide high-volume and efficient solutions for different applications, products or ideas to create higher business opportunities and benefits for our customers.
The product mainly solves several needs:
1. Instead of sunlight, it provides lighting conditions for industrialized production of agriculture.
2. As a supplementary light source to the sun, it solves the problem of insufficient light often encountered in agricultural planting.
3. Increasing the duration of illumination provides scientific lighting means for agricultural planting to adjust the flowering period, shorten the production cycle, perform off-season cultivation, increase production and improve quality, etc.
4. Activate plant immune function, inhibit the occurrence of plant diseases and insect pests, and sterilize the environment at the same time.
At present, this technology has been exported and transported to facilities in the Netherlands, Israel, Japan, Russia and other countries since 2011, and has been sold to this day. Domestic promotion and demonstrations cover 18 provinces, and a total of 63 experimental applications have been completed, covering strawberry, grape, cherry, nectarine, dragon fruit, cucumber, tomato, eggplant, pepper and other cultivated crops, as well as various types of seedlings. Experimental data shows that the UV-B in the small sun plant series of antibacterial fill lights can inhibit five common diseases such as powdery mildew, gray mold, anthracnose, white rust, and scab, as well as common pests such as aphids and red spider mites. , has the multiple effects of losing weight, reducing medication, increasing production and income. Data from China's domestic demonstrations that have been implemented show that the annual yield benefit per mu can be increased by 5,000 yuan to 9,000 yuan. Due to price advantages due to quality optimization, energy saving and cost reduction, etc., indirect benefits can also be increased by 2,000 yuan to 3,000 yuan per mu. Investment It only accounts for 15% to 25% of the total benefits. Calculated based on the three-year effective life of the supplementary light product, the cumulative total benefit per mu can be increased by 20,000 yuan to 35,000 yuan.
Taking the application of dragon fruit in open-air cultivation in Vietnam as an example, it breaks the dormancy period and promotes flower and fruit setting in off-season. Dragon fruit can be produced and supplied year-round, and the direct benefit is increased by more than 5 times.
Hangzhou Little Sun Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of New Sanlian Group. It is a national high-tech enterprise integrating the design, research and development, production, sales and service of intelligent green light supplement technology. It has focused on light sources for 28 years and became involved in plants in 2011. In the field of lighting, it has a provincial product research and development center and has established joint laboratories with many domestic universities to study crop growth patterns and different needs for light. It currently has two series of products, antibacterial fill light and LED plant growth light, with high technical level. It is at the leading level at home and abroad and is unique. It has obtained 14 utility model patents, applied for 11 invention patents and 2 application invention patents. It took the lead in drafting and publishing the Hangzhou local standard "Technical Specifications for the Application of UV-B Germicidal Fill-Lamps for the Production of Solanaceous Vegetable Facilities" (DB3301/T 1112-2021), which is second to none in the industry.
Fill light value
The antibacterial supplementary light technology of Little Sun Agricultural Technology breaks through seasonal restrictions, improves crop photosynthetic efficiency, and increases yield and quality. Reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, protect the soil environment, and ensure food safety.
What is smart green fill light technology
Intelligent green supplementary light technology researches key technologies in the field of sterilization and supplementary light for facility crops, organically combines UV-B with supplementary light, and innovatively develops new sterilizing supplementary lights that can replace sunlight to provide the growth and development of plants, including new sterilization The appearance design, process flow, optimal energy efficiency ratio of the fill light, the appropriate red and blue light ratio for main facility vegetable seedlings and production cultivation, the optimal intensity of UV-B, supporting cultivation technology systems, etc.
Series technology development research.
Little Sun Agricultural Technology’s smart green light supplement technology combines UV-B and high-efficiency LEDs to simulate sunlight to help plant growth. Intelligent regulation meets the light needs of plants at all stages, improves the plant's own immunity, reduces the use of pesticides, and leads green agricultural innovation.
pplication status and significance of intelligent green fill light technology
At present, developed countries represented by the Netherlands and Japan list "supplemental light" as an essential technology for facility agriculture, with a usage rate of more than 80%. The global plant lighting market has shown rapid growth since 2017. According to the latest research results of market research organization Technavio, the global plant lighting market has grown at a compound annual growth rate of 12% from 2016 to 2020.
Intelligent green fill light technology system solution provider
For more than 10 years, we have focused on providing intelligent green light supplement technology system solutions for facility agriculture.
It is the only company in China that has the strength of R&D, production and the entire industrial chain.
Currently, the company has nearly a thousand employees, including more than 200 R&D personnel.
Hangzhou Little Sun Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise
In the field of plant supplementary lighting, cover crop categories and regions rank first in the industry.
This cost-effective fill light with dual functions of sterilization and supplementary light is unique on the market.
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