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Modern Office LED Linear Pendant Light 1
Modern Office LED Linear Pendant Light 1

Modern Office LED Linear Pendant Light

Suspended LED linear light features an exquisite design with an alloy body for rapid heat dissipation. The high-transparency lampshade provides uniform and soft light without glare. It is economical and practical, with a high-quality lifespan of up to 25,000 hours. The LED light source offers high brightness and high color rendering without blue light or visible flicker, ensuring excellent energy efficiency. The light fixtures can be seamlessly connected, supporting various installation methods. This product is suitable for a wide range of settings, including offices, conference rooms, gyms, and restaurants.


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    Model Watts(W) Voltage(v) Color Temp.(K) Lumens(Lm) CRI(Ra) Size(mm)
    SLSL-28 28 100-240 3000-6500 2600 >80 1180*50*40
    SLSL-32 32 100-240 3000-6500 2950 >80 1180*70*40
    SLSL-48 48 100-240 3000-6500 4400 >80 1180*100*40
    SLSL-55 55 100-240 3000-6500 5000 >80 1180*130*40
    SLSL-65 65 100-240 3000-6500 6000 >80 1180*180*40
    SLSL-80 80 100-240 3000-6500 7500 >80 1180*280*40


    • Bright and Flicker-Free, Gentle on Eyes
    • Integrated Die-Cast Housing, Sturdy and Durable, Rust-Resistant
    • High-Quality Acrylic Panel, Even Light Distribution, High Transparency, and Soft Brightness
    • Utilizes High-Brightness LED Chips for Significantly Enhanced Brightness


    • Office
    • Shopping Mall
    • Supermarket
    • Hair Salon
    • Gym
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