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Daylight LED Linear Integrated Ceiling Light 1
Daylight LED Linear Integrated Ceiling Light 1

Daylight LED Linear Integrated Ceiling Light

The LED linear light features an integrated ultra-thin design, offering dust and moisture resistance. It provides bright and clear illumination, making it an excellent replacement for traditional fluorescent tubes as the primary light source in offices. It is gentle on the eyes and has high brightness, suitable for both individual and combined use. The light can be installed in various ways: fixed to cement walls with screws, mounted on ceilings with clips, or even used as an auxiliary wall light. Installation is easy and can be done without drilling. When installed under cabinets, it serves as supplementary lighting for cooking and food preparation. Additionally, it can be used in supermarkets, factories, dormitories, and other places.


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    Model Watts(W) Voltage(v) Color Temp.(K) Lumens(Lm) CRI(Ra) Size(mm)
    SL-BPC-18 18 85-265 3000-10000 1500 >70 600*65*30
    SL-BPC-36 36 85-265 3000-10000 2900 >70 1200*65*30
    SL-BPC-50 50 85-265 3000-10000 4000 >70 1200*65*30
    SL-BPC-70 70 85-265 3000-10000 5800 >70 1200*75*30
    SL-BPC-80 80 85-265 3000-10000 6800 >70 1200*75*30
    SL-BPC-100 100 85-265 3000-10000 8500 >70 1200*93*30


    • No video flash to protect eyes
    • Using nano materials, high light transmittance, and long service life
    • Thickened aluminum base, long-lasting and corrosion-resistant; Lightweight base with good heat dissipation
    • High brightness LED wick, low energy consumption, long service life


    • Factory
    • Office building
    • Supermarket
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