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A -bulb, Oval plastic Batten + Bangladesh


The order mainly relates to products: A -bulb, Oval plastic Batten

Customer country: Bangladesh

Quantity and amount of products purchased by customers: 50,000 pieces

Total project value: $41,810

The customer got to know each other through a trade fair, and after many times of communication, he needed a wide and low P over 1500 surge bulb and purification lamp.  During the confirmation process, the tariff on the shell of the Oval plastic Batten was relatively high.  After many times of communication, our company proposed to provide the mold for shell production, and the customer would produce it by himself.  The final customer accepts the solution we provide and formally orders.

A -bulb, Oval plastic Batten + Bangladesh 1

The order mainly relates to products: Batten
LED bulb + Spain
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