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LED bulb + Spain


The order mainly relates to the product: LED bulb

Client country: Spain

Customer type: End customer

The customer got acquainted with the Hong Kong Exhibition in 2013, and began to cooperate with each other at the end of 2013. The purchase amount was 3.35 million yuan in 2014, 1.38 million yuan in 2015, and 600,000 yuan in total as of July 2016. The customer is a relatively large local wholesaler, with the head of two companies in the market to do, 2014 main LED light source and downlight products, there are two major brands. In 2014, most of the LED bulb lamps were purchased from our company, mainly supplying ultrasonic A-bubble series (customers strongly believe this product, mainly because of the large Angle). In 2015, due to the decline in LED prices, the high cost of our ultrasonic series, and frequent complaints from their customers, the purchase demand was reduced. At the same time, customers began to do lighting fixtures, the market competition is fierce, at present, our product line only compact LED bulbs are still available.

LED bulb + Spain 1

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