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T-bulb + Mexico


The order mainly relates to the product: T-bulb

Client country: Mexico

Customer type: End customer

Products and quantity purchased by customers: 280,000 T bubbles

Total project value: 260,000 USD

VTCK is one of the most influential electrical companies in Mexico, the initial contact also started from the 2019 light Asia exhibition, from the very beginning of the factory inspection - quote - sample delivery - order - shipment, it took 5 years.  From the initial energy-saving lamp products to the current LED products, many times in the middle want to give up, think that it is too difficult to do such a large company, the requirements are too high, and do not give formal orders, can not see the results.  But another voice warned himself, these are my own problems, is that I did not do a good job, through persistent treatment, in early 2023 finally wait for a VICK company T bubble series of new project plan.  With the strong support of the company, we completed product development, light decay test, performance test, acceptance of orders and smooth shipment, winning the trust of customers.  In 2024, the customer plans to participate in 1.5 million T bubbles with our company.

T-bulb + Mexico 1

T-bulb + Mexico 2

LED bulb + Spain
Batten+ Iraq
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